The following links are provided to assist you in using the CTE Assessment System:

CTE Assessment System Timeline
CTE Assessment Timeline.

Bulk Entity Admin Upload Template
Template to use when you bulk assign your staff as Entity Admins.

Bulk Student Registration Upload Template
Template to use when you bulk Register your Students for testing.

Permission Planning Worksheet
Worksheet explaining the process of assigning permissions to your Entity Admins.

Assessment System Admin Guide
Document which provides a detailed set of instructions for using the CTE Assessment System.

Assessment Training Modules
Final Eligibility Non - Eligibility Name Formatting
Entity Manual Registration Entity Bulk Registration
Manual Student Registration Bulk Student Registration
Editing Registration Grid Deleting Registration Grid
Student Log-In Student Reregister
Rosters Add Time to Roster Download Rosters
Conducting Training Module Proctor Script Administrative Security Student Security
Sample Report Menus

Comprehensive Overview
Webinar which walks you through the use of the system.

Comprehensive Overview
Webinar PowerPoint Presentation as PDF used in the Comprehensive Overview video.

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