Computer Science HS
 Survey Title:Public Survey for the 2018 Computer Science Standards Draft -2018
 Survey Properties:
 Total Respondents:136
 Survey Status:Closed
 Responses By Question Analysis:

 1.  County
  Response Total Response Percent
Apache Visual spacer 0 0%
Cochise Visual spacer 0 0%
Coconino Response equal to 5 1 5%
Gila Visual spacer 0 0%
Graham Visual spacer 0 0%
Greenlee Visual spacer 0 0%
La Paz Response equal to 5 1 5%
Maricopa Response equal to 48 10 48%
Mohave Response equal to 5 1 5%
Navajo Visual spacer 0 0%
Pima Visual spacer 0 0%
Pinal Response equal to 19 4 19%
Santa Cruz Visual spacer 0 0%
Yavapai Visual spacer 0 0%
Yuma Visual spacer 0 0%
Out of State Response equal to 19 4 19%
Total Respondents  21 100%
 2.  Visitor Role
  Response Total Response Percent
K-12 Teacher Response equal to 29 6 29%
K-12 Computer Science/Technology Specialist Response equal to 19 4 19%
K-12 Administrator Response equal to 5 1 5%
K-12 Parent/Guardian Response equal to 5 1 5%
K-12 Student Visual spacer 0 0%
Higher Education Response equal to 24 5 24%
Retired Educator Visual spacer 0 0%
Business Representative Response equal to 10 2 10%
Community Member Visual spacer 0 0%
Elected Official Visual spacer 0 0%
Media Visual spacer 0 0%
Other Response equal to 10 2 10%
Total Respondents  21 100%
 3.  If you are affiliated with a school, what type of school do you represent?  
  Response Total Response Percent
District/public Response equal to 52 11 52%
Charter Response equal to 10 2 10%
Private/parochial Visual spacer 0 0%
Home Visual spacer 0 0%
N/A Response equal to 33 7 33%
Total Respondents  21
 4.  The Computer Science Standards are well-organized and easy to read.
  Response Total Response Percent
Strongly Agree Response equal to 40 6 40%
Agree Response equal to 53 8 53%
Disagree Response equal to 7 1 7%
Strongly Disagree Visual spacer 0 0%
Total Respondents  15 100%
 5.  Please provide actionable feedback about the organization of the Arizona Computer Science Standards.
Comments: Test

Comments: It's confusing to tell what parts are the standards and what parts are the curriculum to teach. Just include standards and delete the curriculum

Comments: Continue with the breakdown of the areas, expand on them as much as possible.

Comments: It would be helpful to make the standards available in an electronic form that would allow following a standard from Kindergarten through HS

Comments: While there are explanations for why the standards are important, I would imagine other classroom teachers would appreciate examples of what it looks like in class.
Total Respondents  16
 6.  The High School Computer Science Standards are appropriate for this grade level(s). The High School Essential standards are designed for all high school students, and are intended to be incorporated into a Computer Science Course(s).
Response TotalResponse Percent
Strongly Agree 436%
Agree 436%
Disagree 327%
Strongly Disagree 00%
Total Respondents11
(skipped this question) 125
 7.  “What would you like the working group to consider as they revise the High School Computer Science Standards?”
Comments: These are appropriate for a high school course in Computer Science

Comments: I think this age group should be learning and taking tests on paper but if you are going to insist then have them do it on tablets. Computers are going to be obsolete.

Comments: How are we going to prepare, train, and recruit teachers qualified to administer this content?

Comments: none at this time

Comments: Awesome!

Comments: In high school, it might be appropriate to break them out into general CS standards and specialized CS standards (i.e., for advanced courses).
Total Respondents  14