Administered by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) Early Childhood Education (ECE) Unit

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 PDG FY19 Assurances and Responsibilities  

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  PROPOSALS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN March 1, 2018 at 5 p.m. Proposals must be submitted electronically through this survey link. For questions or technical assistance: or 602-364-1530.
  PDG is administered by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) - Early Childhood Education (ECE) unit.
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  For a PDG overview, additional PDG information and resources, and PDG webinar with FY19 proposal guidance: For questions or technical assistance: or 602-364-1530.
  To submit a proposal for PDG funding, your program must:
• Be prepared to work as a collaborative partner in the mixed service delivery model; and
• Be currently participating in Quality First (or be willing to apply for Quality First and will not decline an opportunity to participate).
If your program is awarded funds from the PDG, your program will agree to the following assurances and responsibilities through the Grants Management System (GME). The contents of this document are to inform you of the program’s expectations. Your signature on this document does not imply an award of funding, and it does not create a legally binding document.

The Sub-grantee hereby certifies and represents that it:
• Agrees to implement the Program Guidelines for High Quality Education, Arizona Early Learning Standards and the PDG Guidance Manual (an updated PDG Manual will be available for FY19.)
• Has all requisite power and authority to execute and fulfill the terms of this grant.
• Is familiar with the PDG and is supportive of and committed to working on all applicable portions of the State’s Plan.
• Will implement the scope of work consistent with the budget of the State’s Plan including existing funds, if any, that the Sub-grantee is using for activities and services that help achieve the outcomes of the State’s Plan, and will comply with all of the terms of the Preschool Development Grant, and all applicable federal and state regulations, including laws and regulations applicable to the Preschool Development Grant, and the applicable provisions of EDGAR (34 CFR Parts 75, 77, 79, 80, 82, 84, 86, 87, 98 and 99), and the debarment and suspension regulations in 2 CFR part 3485.
• Will remain in good standing with licensing and Quality First which means: no major findings during compliance monitoring (i.e. financial, licensure, child safety) and are able to fully participate in ADE, DHS/DES or other applicable licensing, Quality First programs and no adverse action is pending.
The Sub-grantee will:
• Participate in all relevant meetings or other events that are organized or sponsored by the State or Local High Need community.
• Post to any website specified by the State in a timely manner, all non-proprietary products and lessons learned developed using federal funds awarded under the PDG.
• Participate, as requested, in any evaluations of this grant conducted by the State, Education Department (ED), or Health and Human Services (HHS).
• Be responsive to State, ED, HHS requests for project information including on the status of the project, project implementation, outcomes, and any problems anticipated or encountered, consistent with applicable local, State and Federal Privacy Laws.
• Provide researchers with access, consistent with requirements of all applicable Federal, State, and local privacy laws, to available data regarding the enrollment and school readiness of Eligible Children in State Preschool Programs.
• Implement culturally and linguistically responsive outreach and communication efforts to enroll isolated or hard-to-reach families, help families build protective factors, and engage parents and families as decision-makers in their children’s education.
• Minimize local administrative costs.
• Partner with Local Education Agencies or other Early Learning Providers, as appropriate, to carry out activities that will provide children and their families with successful transitions from preschool into kindergarten.
• Work with ADE to determine appropriate timelines for project updates and status reports throughout the grant period.
• Participate in good faith toward achieving the overall goals of the State’s PDG, including when the State’s Plan requires modifications that affect the Sub-grantee, or when the Sub-grantee’s Scope of Work requires modifications.
• Devise plans within the local community to sustain High-Quality Preschool Programs after the grant period, including any non-Federal support that the State or Sub-grantees plan to contribute.
• Coordinate plans related to assessments, data sharing, instructional tools, family engagement, cross-sector and comprehensive services efforts, professional development, and workforce and leadership development.
• Coordinate, but not supplant, the delivery of High-Quality Preschool Programs funded under this grant with existing services for preschool-aged children including, if applicable, programs and services supported through title I of the ESEA, part C and section 619 of part B of IDEA, subtitle VII-B of the McKinney-Vento Act, the Head Start Act, and the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act.