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 Background Information  

  Thank you for providing the Arizona Department of Education with your suggestions to help guide the development of K-12 Computer Science Standards in Arizona. This survey is designed to obtain the comments of educators, parents, students, businesses, policy makers, and the public to help guide the upcoming development of K-12 Computer Science Standards.

Standards outline what a student needs to know, understand, and be able to do by the end of each grade. Standards build across grade levels in a progression of increasing understanding and through a range of cognitive demand levels. Standards are adopted at the state level by the State Board of Education (A.R.S. §§15-701 and 15-701.01). Arizona retains authority to approve and modify academic standards; there is no federal law requiring the adoption of specific standards.

Curriculum includes all the resources used for teaching and learning the standards (textbooks, reading material, lesson plans). Curriculum is adopted at a local level by districts and schools. Neither the State Board nor the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) has the authority to adopt or mandate school curriculum. Under A.R.S. §§15-721 and 15-722, local governing boards (both district and charter) have the sole authority to adopt curriculum via public meetings, allowing for community input regarding what instructional materials are used in classrooms.

This survey is to help guide the development of new K-12 Computer Science Standards. The survey asks for feedback in 3 major areas: respondent demographics, identifying important core concepts, and identifying important core practices.

After this public survey period closes on November 30, 2017, a working group of computer science educators and other stakeholders will review your responses and consider this feedback during the development of the K-12 Computer Science Standards.

  Demographic Information
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