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AIMS Intervention and Dropout Prevention Program TOOLKIT

How to Use the Toolkit

This Toolkit has been organized to help anyone working in dropout prevention find useful information on a topic quickly. The framework for the Toolkit is a list of Key Themes that emerged from our analysis of both Arizona programs and literature from the national dropout prevention community. These themes capture recommendations for best practice according to questions or goals that a practitioner might have.

We recommend you navigate through the Toolkit by picking a theme of interest and following the related links. For example, if your program is struggling with how to improve student attendance, click on "Attendance." This will take you to an index page with a brief definition of the topic and links to resources and data. You can then choose to read about best practice suggestions from both the research and national programs, or from Arizona program staff.

The themes in this Toolkit are cross-linked to three different sources of data:

  1. Articles and resources excerpted from the national dropout prevention community on model programs and best practices (click on "Bibliography" link at the left to read article excerpts)

  2. Profiles of exemplary Arizona programs (click on "Arizona Exemplary Programs" link at left to read these).

  3. Quotes from Arizona program staff related to various topics/questions (click on "Key Themes" link at left and select a theme to access quotes.

Please note that clicking on a link to the research literature will take you to a "bookmark" that is embedded in a longer article that includes many themes. We hope to emphasize that no "best practice" in education stands alone. As good educators know, any practical strategy is part of a larger system of instruction or program design, and will work differently for different students, in different contexts. Our intent with this design is to help readers keep in mind the bigger picture of the program or context in which that practice was successful.

Finally, you can click on the "Links" tag at left, which will take you to other useful sources of dropout prevention information on the Internet. The Arizona Department of Education and LeCroy & Milligan Associates, Inc. are not endorsing or responsible for the content of any Internet site outside the Toolkit, but provide these as a resource.

The Arizona Department of Education and LeCroy & Milligan Associates will be tracking feedback on the design and content of this Toolkit. Please take this online survey to provide feedback.  We appreciate you taking the time to do this.

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