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AIMS Intervention and Dropout Prevention Program TOOLKIT

29 Pima County Board of Supervisors Pima Vocational High School (2008)

Pima Vocational High School is a public charter school designed exclusively for 16 to 21 year old youth who have dropped out of at least one high school. The flexible, employment oriented program serves young people whose educational attainment falls below requirements to enter a GED program, who have been out of school and wish to obtain a high school diploma, and a sustainable job. Three locations, capped at 50 students each, offer maximum attention to students’ educational needs. This project specifically targets students who are homeless and/or court-involved, as they have been the most vulnerable both to dropping out and to scoring below mastery level on the AIMS tests.

Major Goal(s) & Objectives

  • Improve AIMS scores and raise graduation rates.
  • Provide social support services to the 50 homeless and/or court involved students at Sweetwater campus.
  • Teach new instruction techniques for core academic subjects to the entire faculty.
  • Provide a comprehensive workplace training program incorporating the Arizona State workplace standards.
  • Engage a minimum of 20 students in the community service component.
  • Follow up 80% of students to assist with post secondary goal completion.

Main Activities

  • This project has added individualized support services and mentoring to homeless and court-involved youth in the school. Data analysis has been organized so that staff, who already use student portfolios and personal development plans, now have timely access to information to help guide their ongoing work with students. The new community service component expands leadership opportunities to students who already receive on-the-job training at over 40 community agencies and businesses. Direct instruction classes have a maximum group size of 15, and teachers employ a variety of individualized strategies. Tutoring and computer program support are available. Follow-up for students who complete or drop out involves extensive personal contact.

Years receiving ADE funds: 1

Number of students participated (A): 51

Percent completed: 77%

Participant Demographics(B)*

  • 53% Male
  • 47% Female
  • 18% White
  • 59% Hispanic/Latina/o
  • 6% African American
  • 2% Asian/Pacific Islander
  • 16% Native American
  • 0% Other
  • 0% Freshman
  • 2% Sophomore
  • 6% Junior
  • 92% Senior
  • 0% Follow-up

Qualified for inclusion as "at-risk" (C)*

  • 100% of participants qualified
  • 25% Special Education
  • 14% English Language Learners

Average hours of participation (D)*

  • 741 hours per student
  • 692 hours of academic/tutoring
  • 3 hours community service
  • 46 hours workplace skills instruction


  • Pima Vocational High School
  • Campuses in Tucson:
    • Downtown Tucson
    • Main Branch
    • Sweetwater


  • Juvenile Court
  • Child Protective Services
  • Our Family Counseling Agency
  • Pima County One-Stop
  • DES Family Assistance

Average credits earned (F)*

  • 3.3 credits per participant

Increased GPA (G)*

  • NA% of participants

AIMS Achievement (H)*

  • 22 took Reading, 36% met/exceeded
  • 25 took Writing, 32% met/exceeded
  • 5 took Math, 25% met/exceeded
  • 1 met/exceeded ALL components

Distribution of students at end of program year (J)*

  • 51% Re-enrolled
  • 26% Graduated or received GED
  • 18% Moved, illness, other
  • 6% Status unknown

Seniors and follow-up students only (K)*

  • NA% Graduated
  • NA% Received GED

Graduates' full-time status (L,M)*

  • NA% Post-secondary education
  • NA% Employment/job training
  • NA% Military service
  • NA% Full-time combination (M)

ND = No data or incomplete data. NA = Not applicable. * Percents based on numbers reported within each category.

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