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AIMS Intervention and Dropout Prevention Program TOOLKIT

36 Tucson Small School Project City High School (2008)

City High School is a small alternative high school located in downtown Tucson. Students at risk of dropping out, including those not passing AIMS tests, are targeted for remediation and intervention counseling; however, all students participate in service learning and the advisory program, and will be followed up after graduation.

Major Goal(s) & Objectives

  • Improve students’ mathematics skills with specific emphasis on data analysis.
  • Improve students’ reading with specific emphasis on analyzing text and evaluating/extending text.
  • Develop student leadership skills through participation in service learning, City Works and Senior Internships.
  • Maintain contact with graduates in order to help them navigate post-secondary options. Track students leaving the school for 12 months.

Main Activities

  • Math remediation through a year long course along with a grade-level math course. Reading and writing support through a year long course along with a grade-level English course.
  • Individual work with an advisor to develop an academic portfolio of work and a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP). Students evaluate, revise and present their portfolio work.
  • Service learning through City Works classes run by CHS with community-based organizations to produce authentic work that is valuable for the larger community.
  • Mentored internships in community organizations for seniors and an internship seminar.

Years receiving ADE funds: 1

Number of students participated (A): 190

Percent completed: 81%

Participant Demographics(B)*

  • 48% Male
  • 52% Female
  • 55% White
  • 31% Hispanic/Latina/o
  • 4% African American
  • 4% Asian/Pacific Islander
  • 5% Native American
  • 0% Other
  • 27% Freshman
  • 28% Sophomore
  • 25% Junior
  • 21% Senior
  • 0% Follow-up

Qualified for inclusion as "at-risk" (C)*

  • 46% of participants qualified
  • 14% Special Education
  • 0% English Language Learners

Average hours of participation (D)*

  • 129 hours per student
  • 63 hours of academic/tutoring
  • 17 hours community service
  • 48 hours workplace skills instruction


  • City High School

Partners (sample)

Tucson Pima Arts Council, Bicycle Intercity Community Arts and Salvage, Sculpture Resource Center, Southern AZ Humane Society, KXCI radio station, Downtown Tucsonan Magazine, Pan Left Video Collective, AZ-Sonora Desert Museum, Flandrau Science Center, Center for Creative Photography, AZ Theater Company, Clinica Amistad, Ironwood Tree Experience

Average credits earned (F)*

  • 5.7 credits per participant

Increased GPA (G)*

  • 57% of participants

AIMS Achievement (H)*

  • 133 took Reading, 88% met/exceeded
  • 132 took Writing, 89% met/exceeded
  • 132 took Math, 73% met/exceeded
  • 77 met/exceeded ALL components

Distribution of students at end of program year (J)*

  • 62% Re-enrolled
  • 17% Graduated or received GED
  • 18% Moved, illness, other
  • 1% Status unknown

Seniors and follow-up students only (K)*

  • ND% Graduated
  • ND% Received GED

Graduates' full-time status (L,M)*

  • ND% Post-secondary education
  • ND% Employment/job training
  • ND% Military service
  • ND% Full-time combination (M)

ND = No data or incomplete data. NA = Not applicable. * Percents based on numbers reported within each category.

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